PUBLIC OR PRIVATE ACCESSFree and Public service access is provided without user access control so such files can be viewed by anyone who has been provided with the link to the converted and secured document. Private access is enabled using a User Management infrastructure, with username/password login controls, on-screen personalized watermarking, and detailed usage tracking. Private access can also be enabled via own-hosted implementations
SELF-HOSTED PAGESDownloadable zip file with all elements for secured display on own host website, or use iframes to embed the converted files on own hosted website with the files themselves hosted on our Cloud servers. This option is available for Corporate and Enterprise subscribers
FAST, ACCURATE DISPLAYConverted PDF files are accurately reproduced in html5 with matching fonts, layout and graphics. Document display is scalable and fast owing to our pre-converted optimized content management and distribution platform
WEB BROWSER SUPPORT  Firefox     Chrome     Safari     Opera    Edge    ... and more! No plugins or addins required. All modern HTML5-compliant browsers with javascript enabled are supported
MOBILE AND DESKTOP DEVICESPerfect on all desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile platforms. Content optimized for iOS (iPAD and iPhone) and Android mobile devices.
USER MANAGEMENT CONSOLEUsers can be added, amended, tracked and deleted via the web-based Javelin/Sitelok user management console. Users can be assigned to Groups and can have expiry dates per user. Access to specific documents is controlled by username/password login and by Group membership
PERFECT SCALABLE FONT RENDITIONPixel perfect font rendition, fully scalable, so no jagged edges or fuzzy text, whatever the device or zoom level
NAVIGATION OPTIONSFast Navigation available using Thumbnail view and Contents list (also known as Bookmarks, Outlines or Navigation tree) - "Complete" formats only
FULL TEXT SEARCHInstant text search for entire document available - "Complete" formats only
AUTOMATIC RECOGNITION OF HYPERLINKSExplicit hyperlinks are automatically recognized for both internal and external links
ZOOMING OPTIONSFit height, Fit width, Fit page, Percentage zoom, Actual size, Full screen
TOOLBAR TAILORINGBespoke toolbar elements, Home page link, Logout link and more. Bespoke option
ENCRYPTED PAGESAccess page encryption. Right mouse click and print disabled, select/copy disabled with no PDF downloading
EMBED ON OWN SITE OPTIONAll access pages can be embedded on your own site using a simple iframe - documents appear to be on your website
CONTINUOUS (SCROLLING) FORMATContinuous format provides smoothly scrolling pages, and for standard PDFs is the recommended format. Two display variants are provided - Clean (no extra toolbar features for a simple, tidy and fast display) or Complete (includes additional navigation and layout selection features)
MAGAZINE (FLIPBOOK) FORMATOptional Magazine format provides two-page display and flip-style page turning
SLIDE FORMATOptional Slide format provides side-scrolling slide display
TEXT COPY DISABLEDText copy is not permitted, but can be enabled for bespoke applications
DOWNLOAD DISABLEDPDF files are not made available to end users after conversion, so there is no risk of the source PDF being downloaded. Special arrangements can be made for separate PDF download if required
PRINTING DISABLEDPrinting of the displayed document is always disabled. Special arrangements can be made for PDF printing if required (our offline Drumlin DRM-based security using our special Javelin PDF readers is recommended in this case)
USER-SPECIFIC WATERMARKINGWatermark overlayed on all page views, with user's name, date/time and IP address as default elements. Special watermarking can be aded if required (private access services only)
USER ACCESS TRACKINGUser access is tracked and logged for every document and major event (e.g. login, logout, attempted login etc) by event type, detail, ip address, date/time (private access services only)
MANUAL or AUTOLOGINUsers can be logged in automatically via extra URL elements, including passing a user name through from your own website if required. Manual login (username/password) is always provided also (private access services only). Encrypted autologin links can be provided on request
PRE-REGISTERED USERNAMESUsername/Password details can be pre-registered for your organization, or you can upload a list of usernames/passwords/user details via the Import facility in the User Management Console (private access services only)
SELF-REGISTERED USERNAMESWith access to the User Management Console the Corporate and Enterprise subscriber manager can register and manage their own users, singly or via file upload (private access services only)
USER GROUPSUsers are assigned to USER GROUPS in order to provide additional access control. For free and Public access access is automatically "open" with no user access controls. For Corporate and Enterprise subscribers pre-allocated or definable Groups are providedin order to enable users to be restricted in their access to their own subsets of documents - e.g. course modules, conference procedings or departmental documents
UNIQUE or CONCURRENT LOGINSConcurrent logins is the default setting, which means that the same username/password combination can be used by multiple people at the same time if these details are made available (e.g. for corporate-wide access, for autologins etc.). Unique login can be enabled for Enterprise customers
BRANDED PAGES OPTIONBespoke branding of access pages and additional on-page elements can be provided on request
OFFLINE DISTRIBUTION OPTIONDownloadable zip file with all elements for local display of protected converted files - as per self-hosted display, but run locally on end user's device. This option is available for Corporate and Enterprise subscribers
GUEST ACCESS OPTIONGuest access can be provided, with time-limited access and selected document access